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Bounded Warehouses/Business Lines

Harbor Logistics Bonded Warehouses

We have bonded warehouses for customs
clearance of cargo for import/export

Marushin Koun has two authorized bonded warehouses at the Port of Osaka for storing bonded goods (5,240 m2).
Our system handles the customs clearance for import/export goods at the bonded warehouse, along with all other operations, from inspection to packing, storage, and delivery.

What is a Bonded Warehouse?

A bonded storage location is a place for foreign goods to be unloaded, transported, and stored, with the authorization of
the Customs Director. The storage period is three months as a rule, but with authorization, goods can be stored for up to two years.
Foreign goods are allowed to be stored in bonded areas without being subject to tariffs or domestic consumption tax.
This lets customers wait to import the goods until market conditions improve or trade the goods through an agent, in which case the goods can be exported or reshipped. Goods can also go through other processes such as inspection, sorting, and packing.

Features of Marushin Koun’s Bonded Warehouses

  • ■ Two locations at the Port of Osaka, with floor space of 5,240 m2
    ■ Handling of customs clearance
    ■ Vanning/devanning of import/export container goods
    ■ Sea-NACCS introduced for online customs clearance
    ■ Container loading/unloading, import/export, transport, and
      wide range of other services related to foreign goods provided

Main cargo we handle: Large cargo
Construction equipment, general machinery, steel materials, plants

Click the links below for details about each bonded warehouse

  • Ittotsu Bonded Warehouse

  • Nanko K-1 Bonded Warehouse

The Advantages of Using a Bonded Warehouse

Saves time:
  Customs clearance and transport times can be shortened.

Reduces costs:
  Customs clearance, cargo storage, shipping, and related operations can be done at our warehouse to reduce costs.

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