With expertise and dependability built at the Port of Osaka, Japan, we offer many logistical services to the world

Machine Building and Relocation Services/Business Lines

Harbor Logistics Machine Building and Relocation Services

We provide start-to-finish services for the relocation of large cargo and special equipment that extends to on-site installation 

Marushin Koun works with other companies in our group to provide machine building to meet a wide range of customer needs and to handle special cargo items. In particular we regularly work with special equipment, large cargo, and systems considered difficult to handle, offering delivery through to on-site installation.

Expertise from Machine Disassembly to Installation

From Delivery to On-Site Installation

We often get requests for integrated logistics that includes many services, from machine dismantling to installation to relocation. Marushin Koun utilizes warehouses located in major areas around Japan to provide machine building and relocation services across the country. Be assured that we also have plenty of experience in this field outside of Japan. Feel free to contact us with any inquiry.

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  • Business Lines

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