With expertise and dependability built at the Port of Osaka, Japan, we offer many logistical services to the world

Intermodal Transport/Business Lines

Intermodal Transport

For import/export to and from Japan and transport between countries; we offer proposals for comprehensive logistics based on each customer's needs

Marushin Koun has a system that allows us to take advantage of the group’s strengths to provide door-to-door service using land, sea, and air for import/export logistics. We offer customers ideal global logistics solutions.

If you want to do these things

・Transfer a production line from Japan to an overseas location.
・Transfer large equipment to Southeast Asia, where demand has been rising in recent years.
・Transfer equipment from an existing production line overseas to a plant in another country.
・Transfer a production line or large equipment from an overseas plant to Japan.

Intermodal Transport of Marushinkoun

Marushin Koun works with partner firms to provide intermodal transport services that match customers’ needs.

  • Business Lines

  • Business Lines

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  • Customs Brokerage

  • Harbor Logistics

  • Intermodal Transport

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