With expertise and dependability built at the Port of Osaka, Japan, we offer many logistical services to the world

Shipping Agency/Business Lines

Shipping Agency

Support for safe,smooth port clerarance for liners,conventional vessels,tramps,and other ships

  • Marushin Koun provides support for the safe voyaging of coastal vessels
    and ocean-going ships that arrive at the Port of Osaka. We take care of
    port clearance procedures and other tasks on behalf of shipping companies.

    We contract with shipping companies that run liners, conventional vessels,
    and tramps. At the Port of Osaka we have an excellent
    reputation as a shipping agency.

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Outline of Shipping Agency Tasks

■ Procedures involving port clearance for ocean-going vessels related to government offices such as the Harbor Master,   Customs, Immigration, Quarantine Stations, etc.
■ Arrangements with Port Control, pilots, tugboats, etc.
■ Procedures and liaison with related departments when ship staff must be replaced or they become injured or sick

For Customers Considering Chartering a Ship

For customers considering chartering a ship for conventional loading of high-volume cargo, feel free to contact us at Marushin Koun with any inquiry. We can broker a chartered ship for export or import to Southeast Asian countries (China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.). Also, we have bonded warehouses and can handle a full range of harbor operations to provide customers with strong support through start-to-finish logistics services.

  • Business Lines

  • Business Lines

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  • Shipping Agency